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First Spring #6

This interactive collection inspired by the flowers and colors of spring that surrounds us gives positive effects to the observer, but does not want to replace reality. First Spring displays the genetic attraction for nature that manifests itself with the need to interact with the natural environment even in its digital form.


  • High quality printed canvas
  • Resistant and quality wooden float frame
  • Free shipping
Each artworks is sold only once. All paintings are unique pieces and represent the result of our artistic research. After completing your order, we will create the artwork in the size you chose and ship it to you. The artwork will be marked as “Sold”, and no one else will be able to order it.

Own not just your original canvas: after you buy, you will receive a high resolution digital file of your artwork to use as you wish, as long as it’s for personal use (contact us for commercial use).
You will also receive your certificate of ownership signed B-VISIONARY.

Please make sure that the artwork is extended by B-VISIONARY and that the entire image is visible on your screen. Try and keep your hand steady while viewing the digital layer of the artwork and if the surrounding light is poor, switch on a light or use your phone to light it up, by clicking the lightbulb icon on the screen, which will activate
your device’s flashlight.


All paintings are 30x30 cm in size.
If you are interested in a larger format please contact us!

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